BU’s first Zeigler Case Competition looks at Apple after Jobs

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<p>When Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011, many wondered if the company could still survive without the man who turned “Apple Computer” into one of the most profitable companies in the world. At Bloomsburg University’s recent Zeigler Case Competition, that is what College of Business seniors had to figure out.</p>
<p>Each year, Terry ’76 and JoAnn Schultz Zeigler ’77 award prizes for the best capstone course performance from the College of Business. This year, students enrolled in Business Policies were split into five teams – each team coming from one section of the class – to compete against each other. The teams were made up of five students from each section, elected by their peers, and a coach.</p>
<p>Ten days before the competition, the teams were given the Harvard Business School case, “Apple Inc. in 2012.” Teams had to analyze the case and present their findings and recommendations to a panel of 10 judges that included BU President David Soltz, business faculty and successful alumni. Presentations lasted 20 minutes, with time allotted afterward for a question-and-answer session, and were scored based on content and presentation skills.</p>
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<p>“The teams needed to persuade through their presentation,” says George Ebbs, dean of the College of Business. “It very much simulated what they’d do in the real world.”</p>
<p>When the day-long competition was complete, a team made up of Emily Bostian, Lewisburg; Mitch Dufour, Collegeville; Joe McFadden, Doylestown; Antonio Myers, Dillsburg; and James Ruffin, Stroudsburg; was awarded first place and $800 in prize money.</p>
<p>Participating in the competition offered seniors an opportunity to capitalize on skills learned in class and apply them to a real-life situation, Ebbs says. Teams needed to think critically, demonstrate strong work ethic, communicate effectively and work well as a group with members in majors including accounting, marketing and management.</p>  
<p>John Okpara, chair of management and program coordinator, says eight new teams of students are expected to take part in this spring’s Zeigler Case Competition. He hopes to expand the competition into a system-wide event, hosted by BU and attended by students from across the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. <strong><a href="http://bloomsburgu.tumblr.com/post/74943370491/when-steve-jobs-died-of-c...">#CollaborativeLearning</a> <a href="/ZIPD">#ZIPD</strong></p>

<p><i>&#8212; Sean Williams ’15</i></p>

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