Celebrating Black History Month: A Statement from President Hanna

Bloomsburg University is proud to celebrate Black History Month and to honor the countless contributions of Black individuals within all aspects of society. We embrace the opportunity to learn more about the rich history, legacy, and contemporary achievements of Black individuals both in and out of the classroom. We invite you to join us at our Black History month events found here: https://www.bloomu.edu/black-history-month

As we celebrate, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the Bloomsburg University experience is one that is inclusive and equitable. We will continue to uphold our university vision in providing the necessary resources for our campus community to maximize opportunities for success. We do this through our class offerings, by awarding scholarships, through our campus organizations, and more. To learn more, please see our resource guide found here: https://www.bloomu.edu/diversity-inclusion-commission

During Black History Month we will challenge ourselves to continually do more to become a better Bloomsburg. The President’s Commission for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (PCDEI) Co-Chaired by Dr. Shavonne Shorter, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Ms. Madelyn Rodriguez, Director of the Multicultural Center, has worked diligently since 2019 to author our university’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan. We are grateful for the dedication of the PCDEI members. We are thankful to everyone who participated in giving feedback to refine the plan through listening sessions, town hall events, and a survey opportunity. We invite you to read our plan here: https://www.bloomu.edu/diversity-inclusion-commission

Since the fall semester, work has been underway to begin reaching the goals laid out in the plan. We have bolstered our campus wide diversity, equity, and inclusion training, developed a community response team, and improved underrepresented minority student retention rates, just to name a few. Please see the update videos on the PCDEI webpage for full details on the progress that has been made thus far. This is just the beginning and we will never stop working for equity. During Black History Month, and always, may we learn from one another, take collective action, and move upward and onward together.