BU Alumni and Professional Engagement Office Honored by WebFX

For Immediate Release
Date: December 8, 2020
Contact: Tom McGuire, Director of Communications/Media Relations


Bloomsburg University Alumni and Professional Engagement Office Honored by WebFX


BLOOMSBURG—The Bloomsburg University Office of Alumni and Professional Engagement has been recognized by WebFX, a full-service digital marketing company based in Harrisburg, for being an outstanding partner with the company.

“We have a large pocket (11) of BU alums, and they are the ultimate team players,” said Emily Livingston, talent acquisition specialist for WebFX. “They work hard, are incredibly bright and motivated, and are fantastic people; the best of the best. They sum up everything we look for and are a great fit.”

Livingston says it was Bloomsburg University’s enthusiastic participation with WebFX that has led to such a strong partnership. The company has a presence with colleges and universities across the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a frequent visitor on the Bloomsburg University campus, providing both classroom speakers and attending Career Connections Expos throughout the academic year.

“Through Professional U, Bloomsburg University uniquely prepares our students for personal and professional success by integrating career development with the academic experience,” said Lynda Michaels, assistant vice president for Alumni and Professional Engagement. “We are fortunate to have employer partners like WebFX who not only hire our graduates but also, through the alumni employed there, provide professional development opportunities for current students.”

“Working closely with the WebFX team is an absolute pleasure,” said BU’s Kelly Stiner, associate director for employer relations. “The company is always so willing and eager to get involved with our students in any way they can. Providing employment opportunities, mentoring through webinars, and taking them on virtual tours of their office in Harrisburg.”

Livingston notes that even at their highly attended open house events, BU students regularly set themselves apart.

“My experiences with them have been out of this world,” said Livingston. “They are curious, responsive, ask great questions, and want to connect with team members, and that is fantastic. Some of the most thoughtful follow-up messages I’ve ever received have come from BU students, and we take notice.”

“We could not be more grateful for the Alumni and Professional Engagement team at Bloomsburg University,” said Catherine Maniscalco, talent acquisition specialist at WebFX. “From working with our team to connect us to wonderful talent, to driving a bus of students to the FX campus, and everything in between, they continue to go above and beyond. We have such a strong Bloomsburg alumni presence at WebFX, and these graduates have, time and time again, proven to be some of our most talented and well-prepared FXers. This speaks volumes to this team and the university as a whole, and how focused they are on student success. We cannot say thank you enough for this incredible partnership.”  

That model has allowed the company to grow 250 percent in the last three years and earn the designation of Best Place to Work in PA for the last six consecutive years. WebFX is actively hiring May and December 2020 grads and May 2021 grads, and Livingston says those from BU should not be afraid to apply, even if their major isn’t a match for the technical skills associated with a marketing firm. 

To learn more about how your organization can get involved and hire BU students, please contact Kelly Stiner at kstiner@bloomu.edu.

The Professional U experience at Bloomsburg University connects students with alumni, employers, and opportunities that integrate academics with experiential learning. Through professional development and career experiences, students build the skills and confidence that impact their community and profession.