Faculty Tenure and Promotions, Fall 2020

Date: Aug. 14, 2020

Faculty Tenure and Promotions

Faculty members at Bloomsburg University earned promotion, effective fall 2020.

Promoted Faculty

Associate to Full Professor:
Michael Borland, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrea Fradkin, Exercise Science
Angela La Valley, Communications Studies
Arian Moghadam, Economics
Jennifer Oast, History
Ted Roggenbuck, English

Assistant to Associate Professor:
Dina Clark, Accounting and Business Law
Elisabeth Culver, Nursing
Daniel Roesch, Teaching and Learning
Mohsin Shaikh, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rebecca Toothaker, Nursing
Thomas Tanner, Marketing and Professional Sales
Deborah Walberg, Art and Art History
Walter Zilz, Exceptionality Programs

Instructor to Assistant Professor:
Scott Duncan, Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Promoted and Tenured Faculty
Assistant to Associate Professor:

Erin Brummett, Communication Studies
Melissa Cheese, Academic Enrichment
Benjamin Franek, Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences
Dennis Frohlich, Media and Journalism
Ellen Kehres, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kai Kuang, Communication Studies
Cassandra Sachar, Academic Enrichment

These faculty have earned tenure effective fall 2020

Tenured Faculty:
Jessy Defenderfer, Political Science
Amelia Garbisch, Music, Theatre and Dance
Luke Haile, Exercise Science
Wai Kwan (Elaine) Lau, Management and International Business
Mark Noon, English
George Salvaterra, Athletics