Bloomsburg University Donates Perishable Items to Students and Hospital Staff

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tom McGuire, Director of Communications/Media Relations

Date: April 17, 2020

Bloomsburg University Donates Perishable Items to Students and Hospital Staff

BLOOMSBURG—Since the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania bookstore, The BU Store, is closed due to the closure of campus from the COVID-19 pandemic, perishable items have not been available to be purchased by students or visitors to campus.

To avoid those items from going past their expiration dates, store manager Laura Heger decided to distribute those items to both the remaining students on campus in the form of a care package, and to employees of Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital.

Heger made bags for each of the 23 students remaining on campus which included cookies, candy, potato chips, microwave popcorn, pretzels, along with toiletries, a BU hat and pennant.

The bags were then dropped off in the lobby outside the BU Store for the students to pick up so as no to come in contact with any store employees.

For Geisinger Bloomsburg employees, the store boxed up and dropped off the staff iced tea, crackers, doughnuts, pop tarts, cookies and a variety of other snacks.

BU President Bashar W. Hanna was pleased to see the items be distributed.

“It is very important to the students still living on campus and to the health care workers at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital to know that they are not forgotten in the midst of this most unusual situation,” said Hanna. “Many thanks to Laura Heger and her staff for coming up with the idea and making sure that none of these items went to waste.”

All totaled, the value of the donation was approximately $2,000.