Bloomsburg University to host “Conversations for the Common Good”

For Immediate Release

Date: Feb. 19, 2020

Contact: Tom McGuire, Director of Communications

Bloomsburg University to host “Conversations for the Common Good”

BLOOMSBURG—Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with VIA Public Media, will host “Conversations for the Common Good” on Thursday, March 5, at 6 p.m. in Carver Hall, Gross Auditorium. The subject of the lecture and interactive conversation will be “Why Google Can’t Save Us: How the internet can contribute to thoughtful citizenship rather than to its demise,” by Sam Wineburg, the Margaret Jacks Professor of Education at Stanford University. The event is free and open to the public.

Wineburg will consider civic responsibility and the internet: how to use it responsibly, and how to judge between legitimate and irresponsible sources of information found there. He will propose antidotes to the impulsive thinking and premature judgment that too frequently characterizes contemporary American public discourse.

Wineburg was educated at Brown and Berkeley and holds a doctorate in psychological studies in education from Stanford and an honorary doctorate from Sweden's Umeå University. Wineburg heads the Stanford History Education Group, whose curriculum and assessments have been downloaded seven million times, making it one of the largest providers of free curriculum in the world. Wineburg's scholarship sits at the crossroads of three fields: the psychology of teaching and learning, history, and education, and his articles have appeared in such diverse outlets as Cognitive Science, Journal of American History, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times.

“Conversations for the Common Good” is an interdisciplinary, university and community-wide movement linking Bloomsburg University students, staff, faculty, and administrators, plus community partners and the general public in a single goal: to invest time, talent, and resources to promote dialogue that unites, and bridges seemingly vast divides, within the community it serves.

Sponsors of the event are VIA Public Media, the Bloomsburg Library, The Exchange, The Coalition for Social Equity and the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble.

Bloomsburg University is one of 14 universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. The university serves approximately 8,200 students, offering comprehensive programs of study in five distinct colleges: College of Education, Zeigler College of Business, College of Liberal Arts, College of Science and Technology, and new Honors College.