Outstanding Faculty Recognized

BLOOMSBURG--Three Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania faculty members were recognized for Outstanding Teaching for 2018-19 as selected by a committee of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TALE) Center. Jeff Brunskill, associate professor of meteorology and GIS in the College of Science and Technology; Monica Favia, associate professor of marketing and professional sales in the Zeigler College of Business; and Michael Hickey, professor of history in the College of Liberal Arts were nominated for the honor by graduating seniors.

Jeff Brunskill’s students describe him as “knowledgeable,” “meticulous,” “with a reputation as difficult but great.” One nominee credited Brunskill for acquiring a skill set proving essential for their first job in the field that encouraged inquisitiveness. The rigor that Brunskill maintains in all of his classes is a theme repeated across nominations, and his ability to push them to improve leads him to tailor his teaching to students’ needs.

Monica Favia excels in making course content relevant. Her dedication to the professional sales program at BU creates a real-world experience in the classroom. Nominees describe her as “passionate,” “amazing,” with an “unparalleled” commitment to her students. In addition, her leadership in and out of the classroom demonstrates her dedication to helping students “become the best version of themselves.”

Michael Hickey was “applauded for setting high standards, engaging discussions, and developing students writing skills.” One nominee notes his “enthusiasm toward teaching and unmatched willingness to help students.” He cheerfully welcomes students and works with them on multiple occasions to help them develop their writing skills. In seminar courses, the discussions on historical books and documents help students develop a deeper understanding of the content and improve interpretative skills.

All recipients received a plaque at the Provost’s Awards Dinner on April 29. Michael Hickey will be recognized at the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Education commencement ceremony on May 11 at 10 a.m. at Redman Stadium on Upper Campus. Monica Favia and Jeff Brunskill will be acknowledged at the Zeigler College of Business and College of Science and Technology commencement ceremony at 3 p.m. that day. In addition, recipients are awarded a professional development stipend, sponsored by the BU Foundation.

The members of the 2018-19 TALE Outstanding Teaching Award committee were facilitator, Kai Kuang, communication studies; Victoria Geyfman, finance; David Fazzino, anthropology, Claire Lawrence, English, Cynthia Surmacz, biological and allied health sciences with IT survey assistance from Jerrold Harris.