BU Foundation to Provide New Off-Campus Housing Alternatives to Students

BLOOMSBURG – Thanks to a significant investment by the Bloomsburg University Foundation (BUF), students will have additional options for safe and affordable off-campus housing. On Tuesday, April 2, the BUF closed on the purchase of the Kile Properties, a series of apartments adjacent to campus and in downtown Bloomsburg.

“We are thrilled for this opportunity to explore new options to increase student success and retention,” said BU President Bashar W. Hanna. “As always, students are our first priority, and providing a wide range of affordable and safe on and off-campus housing alternatives allows us to demonstrate that we are committed to meeting their needs in as many areas as possible.”

“After years of research and due diligence, the BUF Board determined that we should expand our mission to broaden the ways we can promote student success,” said Duane Greenly, Chair of the BUF Board of Directors. “This meets a critical need for students and creates additional revenue sources that will allow us to support more students in need of financial assistance.”

The newly acquired properties will allow the BUF to provide additional scholarship funding beyond the $1.3M already awarded to BU students in 2018-19.

“When we learned how many students were struggling to find housing to meet their needs, the board initiated efforts to increase our commitment to student success by addressing this additional financial barrier,” said BUF Executive Director Jerome Dvorak.

The properties, formerly owned and operated by Dr. Willard H. Kile Jr., were added to several existing student-housing and residential real estate locations the BUF manages through an LLC named Advanced Student Housing.

Similar to the Honeysuckle Apartments, owned and operated through an agreement with BU’s Community Government Association, the expansion of off-campus housing through Advanced Student Housing aligns with President Hanna’s initiative to provide affordable housing options through trusted university affiliates.

“Through these affiliates, we’re able to offer flexibility in living arrangements and cost for students who wish to live off campus,” Dvorak added. “We now offer options ranging from one bedroom apartments to 6-bedroom units, all adhering to the same safety regulations as our on-campus housing options.”

For more information about the new rental properties offered through Advanced Student Housing, LLC, visit giving.bloomu.edu/housing.

The Bloomsburg University Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization that serves as the fundraising arm of Bloomsburg University, providing opportunities and financial resources in support of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and its students.