Husky Dog Pound names winners of business competition

BLOOMSBURG—Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Zeigler College of Business held its third annual Husky Dog Pound competition, a Shark Tank-like event, on Thursday, March 28. The Husky Dog Pound competition, the premier event of its kind in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania, gives students in middle school, high school and Bloomsburg University students, a chance to pitch business ideas to teams of judges.

More than 70 teams and 650 students competed in the middle school/high school competition, while 28 individuals (14 teams) qualified in the Bloomsburg University division. The winning middle school/high school team taking home $1,000 with $750 for the second place team, $500 for third and $250 for fourth through 10th place, while the prize for the winning BU team was $3,500 with $2,500 awarded for second place; $1,700 for third; $1,300 for fourth and $1,000 for fifth.

The winning Bloomsburg University idea came from Bawe Salehi, a junior and international business major. His idea is called CSG, a security application that will enhance safety for individuals at events such as concerts, festivals and clubs. This app allows participants to take video of questionable activity that both records the activity and dispatches security personnel.

The winning idea from the middle school/high school division came from MiKayla Simone of South Western High School. Her idea, the Forever Cord, is a phone charger that turns off the charger when the battery reaches 100 percent. The action prolongs the life of a cell phone battery by preventing a battery from overcharging.

Top 10 Middle School/High School Division
1.The Forever Cord — South Western High School, MiKayla Simone
2.Future of Fleetwood — Fleetwood Area High School; Syndey Galtere, Tyler Becker, Eric Vasquez, Kylee Paules
3. Milton Hershey School (Team 1) — Milton Hershey School, Davan Hanley
4. Quick Cards — Selinsgrove Area High School; Jonathan Bosworth, Antonio Margel, Coy Bastian
5. Abraham Lincoln HS (Team 3) — Abraham Lincoln HS, Marina Ayob
6. Apex Power — Kane Middle School; Max Smith, Xavior Hulings, John Bell, Wyatt Jensen
7. Etho Bar — Parkland High School; Steph Hunter, Ryan Turner, Ali Bhallo
8. Stadium App — Emmaus High School; Emily Lopez, Matt Rodrigus
9. Mindful Munchies — Jefferson Middle School; Macie Miller, Grace Nellas, Leah Kessler, Ava Tischendorf
10. Serendipity — Cedar Cliff High Schoo; Madison Passmore, Kadence Valora

Top 5 University Division
1.C.S.G. — Bawe Salehi, junior, international business major
2.Omne — Tristan Peace, senior, business administration and marketing major; Fady Smouni, senior, economics major
3. WoodLuck Apparel Co.3 — James Brown, senior, business administration management major
4. The No Hike Bike — David Barber, junior, business administration management major; Michaela Poulard, junior, communication studies major
5. OnePaw Co. — Jordan Rivera, sophomore, business administration and marketing major; Mina Fayez, sophomore, international business major

The Husky Dog Pound is presented by Bloomsburg University and the Zeigler College of Business.\

Left to right
1. Jordan Rivera-BU 5th. place
2. David Barber-BU 4th. place
3. Todd Shawver, interim dean, Zeigler College of Business
4. Michaela Poulard-BU 4th place
5. Tristan Peace-BU 2nd place
6. Bashar W. Hanna, President, Bloomsburg University
7. Mina Fayez-BU 2nd place
8. Christina Force, associate professor, innovation, technology, supply chain management
9. Terry Zeigler, Zeigler College of Business
10. Bawe Salehi, winner, Husky Dog Pound
11. Fady Smouni-BU 2nd place
12. James Brown-BU 3rd place