BU admitted to University Sales Center Alliance

BLOOMSBURG--Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania was admitted as an associate member to the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA) in November 2018.

The University Sales Center Alliance is a consortium of sales centers connecting university faculty members with many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Together, these educators advocate for the continuing advancement of the sales profession through teaching, research and outreach.

Associate membership is meant to serve as a mentoring period during which full members assist a university as it works towards full membership.

BU is the 51st university to have membership and only the second university in Pennsylvania. In order to qualify as a member, a sales program must meet specific criteria including a specified curriculum, a sales lab, a director, an active sales advisory board, and participation in sales competitions.

What does this membership for mean for BU students? “Students have the opportunity to earn certification under the USCA as a Certified Professional Sales Student,” says Monica Favia, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of marketing and professional sales. “This sends a signal to potential employers that the student has met the rigorous criteria as set forth by the USCA. So far five BU students have earned the certification. In addition, corporations often seek out USCA universities, for recruiting.”

For more information on the program visit http://bloomu.edu/professional-sales