ASL/ English Interpreting Program awarded accreditation

BLOOMSBURG---Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s ASL/English Interpreting program has been awarded accreditation with stipulations from the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE).

The Bloomsburg University American Sign Language (ASL)/English Interpreting program undertook a comprehensive self-study review which led to the site visit and accreditation of the program. There are just 17 CCIE accredited ASL/English Interpreting programs in the country. Bloomsburg University is one of just two schools in the state of Pennsylvania with accreditation.

“Having this accreditation shows that Bloomsburg University has committed to excellence in interpreter education, met the national standards set forth by the CCIE, followed curricular best practices in sign language interpreter education, and graduated highly qualified, successful interpreters,” said Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Ed.D., program coordinator and associate professor of BU’s ASL/English Interpreting Program.

The Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE) was founded in 2006 to promote professionalism in the field of sign language interpreter education through the process of accreditation. The CCIE Standards identifies the knowledge, skills, and perspectives students need to gain to enter the field of professional interpreting. The standards give students, faculty, curriculum developers, administrators, employers, and consumers a common set of expectations about what basic knowledge and competencies interpreting students should acquire. The standards are to be used for the development, evaluation, and self-analysis of postsecondary professional interpreter education programs.

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