Bloomsburg University participating in Adopt-A-Street program

BLOOMSBURG— Several Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania student groups are participating in the newly enacted Adopt-A-Street program with the Town of Bloomsburg.

The Adopt-a-Street project will center on six areas of town where there have been litter problems. Those areas include Lightstreet Road and Iron Street, as well as sections of Main, Third and Fourth streets. Each section will matched with a university organization or athletic team, which will be tasked with cleaning up litter at least once a month.

Street assignments and the groups who will do the litter cleanup are: Greek Life, Main Street (from Center Street to West Street); Bloomsburg University Student Veterans Association, Iron Street (from Main Street to Irondale Road-starting in January); Bloomsburg University Baseball Team; Lightstreet Road (from intersection of East & Second to N. Penn Street. Also, Bloomsburg University Learning Communities, East Street (from Main Street to Route 11/Seventh Street); Bloomsburg University Honors Program; Third Street (from East Street to Chestnut Street); Developing Ambitious Student Leaders (DASL), Fourth Street (from East Street to Chestnut Street).

After the litter is collected, the town public works department will collect the bags of trash.

The Bloomsburg University baseball team was the first group to pick up litter. East and Second Street.