International Women's Day

For Immediate Release: March 8, 2018

BLOOMSBURG—In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is looking back at the first women to serve in various leadership roles at the university.

The first two women to serve as Trustees when the school was known as the Bloomsburg Literary Institute and State Normal School were Mrs. May Ethel Harman from 1920-30 and Effie Llewellyn from 1920-35.

In 1983-84, when the school became known as Bloomsburg University, Joanne Growney was named the Provost on an interim basis, while the first permanent woman to serve as Provost was Betty Allamong from 1987-92.

The first woman to serve as the dean of the College of Business was Carol Matteson from 1989-92, while from 1992-94 Jennie Carpenter was the interim vice president for student life.

History was made at BU in 1994 when Jessica Kozloff was named the first woman president of the institution serving in that role until 2007. In 1996 Ann Lee was named the interim dean of the College of Professional Studies, a post that was made permanent in 1997 with Lee serving until 2007, while from 2000-02 Sharon Meyer was the vice president for administration.

In athletics, the first coordinator of women’s intercollegiate athletics was Eleanor Wray from 1972-88, while Joanne McComb was the first associate director of athletics from 1977-86 with Mary Gardner as the first woman to serve as director of athletics, first on an interim basis and later as the permanent director from 1988-2011.