Trustees Approve Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship

BLOOMSBURG —Bloomsburg University’s Council of Trustees approved an out-of-state tuition scholarship program at a special meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The Trustees unanimously approved an institutional scholarship called the Good Neighbor program that will invest more than $1.7 million over a four-year period in the renewable out-of-state tuition scholarship program.  The investment is projected to increase enrollment by yielding almost 80 additional high-quality out-of-state students annually.   

The Trustees were responding to a plan that seeks to develop an out-of-state enrollment plan that provides for student access while ensuring student quality; acknowledges the strong BU brand, allows for predictability and fosters financial sustainability. It is similar to the successful scholarship program for Pennsylvania residents established last academic year known as the Academic Success scholarship.  That program awards 60 renewal scholarships to high academic achieving in-state students.

Bloomsburg University is one of 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The university serves approximately 9,600 students, offering comprehensive programs of study in the colleges of Education, Business, Liberal Arts and Science and Technology.