Professor wins Teaching Innovation Award

For immediate release: May 20, 2015

BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg University’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Center awarded the 2015 TALE Teaching Innovation Award to Mary King, assistant professor of communication studies. She received $500 for professional development.

The award recognizes innovation that promotes significant or meaningful learning by changing the way a lesson, subject or course is traditionally taught. King required students in the special topics course, Health Communication Campaigns, to develop and implement a campaign to reduce underage and dangerous drinking at BU. For the campaign, BUResponsibly,” students researched and gathered data about college students’ drinking behaviors and developed, implemented and evaluated a peer-to-peer campaign. King will share her teaching innovation through TALE during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Samuel Gross, assistant professor of mathematics, statistics and computer science, and Lauren MacKenzie, assistant professor of communication studies.

Gross developed a series of reading and writing assignments to challenge students to rethink the purpose of math. MacKenzie developed a project for the Intercultural Communication course that requires students to design and deliver a pre-departure orientation for a country with which BU has a study abroad exchange program.

The award is made possible by the BU Foundation.

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