$250,000 state grant supports energy savings

For immediate release: April 22, 2010

BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania recently received $250,000 as part of the Pennsylvania Conservation Works! (PACW) Grant Program. The funds are being used to cover expenses related to a chiller replacement project at BU’s Carver Hall and Scranton Commons and lighting upgrades in Elwell Residence Hall and McCormick Center for Human Services.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency Block Grant Program as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the PACW program supports increased energy efficiency, job creation and improved air quality. This project also supports many of the Keystone Principles for Growth, Investment and Resource Conservation.

The Scranton Commons/Carver Hall portion of the project focused on replacing two individual chillers – a 50-ton, air-cooled unit and a 170-ton, water-cooled unit – with a 220-ton, water-cooled, magnetic compressor chiller. The high-efficiency unit is housed in Scranton Commons’ mechanical room with chilled water lines running between Scranton Commons and the adjacent Carver Hall. Replacing the existing units with a magnetic compressor chiller is expected to reduce annual energy use for these systems by 51 percent and save more than $12,000 in energy costs.

The lighting upgrade in Elwell and McCormick replaces existing fixtures with systems that will use about half as much energy. The work will be completed in conjunction with future renovation projects at both buildings and is expected to save more than $34,000 in energy costs annually.

Both projects support BU’s efforts to help reduce nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, harmful emissions associated with the production of electricity.

The projects are being completed as part of the university’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement with Siemens Building Technologies.

Bloomsburg University is one of 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The university serves approximately 9,000 students, offering comprehensive programs of study in the colleges of Education, Business, Liberal Arts and Science and Technology.