Leadership training, team building

For immediate release: August 16, 2007

BLOOMSBURG — Leadership training and team building form an integral part of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Quest program.

“Most people think we’re all outdoor programs, but most of our work is in team development,” said Brett Simpson, associate director.

Simpson said it offers leadership training programs and team building for businesses and universities. A team-building course can be developed in which each individual’s success is dependent on how the team works together and the total participation of all members. Activities may include passing through a “giant spider’s web” or swinging over a “pit of lava” using only two boards, he added.

According to Simpson, a group’s manner of tackling the training exercises provides insight on how the team solves work-related problems. The style of leadership a team adopts along with how members plan, communicate with each other, work together, include or exclude people in the process, and deal with conflict are all revealed through the exercise.

The organization provides programs to suit the needs of area businesses and educational institutions through two entities. Its programs focus on students and educators; the Corporate Institute tailors programs for businesses, providing an emphasis on business applications.

It most recently developed a training program for the residence life staff at Pennsylvania College of Technology, as well as staff members at Bucknell and Susquehanna universities. Another program this summer centered on a rafting trip for an accounting firm.

“We can develop a fun retreat or we can work with a company to develop a program designed specifically for that company,” said Simpson.

For more information on leadership training and team development programs, call the office at (570) 389-4323.

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