BU hits the road with All State Career School, Commercial Driving (CDL)

For immediate release: July 24, 2007

BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is going on the road in a partnership with All State Career School to offer a CDL truck driving program.

The program will give individuals a chance to pursue a Class A or a Class B license. The program for the Class A license will take 172 hours and result in an individual being able to drive a tractor and trailer combination. The Class B program is 80 hours in length and qualifies drivers for a passenger bus and a straight truck, such as a dump truck.

Tom Fletcher, director of corporate and continuing education, brought the idea of a partnership with All State to BU after seeing a similar program work elsewhere.

“I thought this was something that should be pursued at BU,” said Fletcher. “It gives an opportunity for jobs and training.”

The program is currently recruiting students; the first classes began this month. Class sizes will range from four to 10 individuals. BU will have two trucks that students will use as part of the program.
Individuals interested in the CDL truck driving program will need to acquire a CDL learner’s permit, as well as the necessary physical and drug test before signing up for the program.

“We have open enrollment, anyone who is interested and meets the requirement can take the course,” Fletcher said.

According to Fletcher, the university can also work with regional companies to address their needs, such as refresher courses and customized programs.

“We are excited to offer this program because we have found that the employment opportunities in this region are vast. Collaborating with BU will provide us with the opportunity to grow as a career school,” said Robert Bubb, director of All State Career School.

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