BU student sticks with politics; leads Democracy Matters

For immediate release: Feb. 12, 2007

BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Democracy Matters is setting new goals with its new president.

Emily Kinkead, Williamsport, is a junior with a dual major in political science and marine biology. Involved in Democracy Matters since her freshman year, she was elected president after serving last year as vice president.

Democracy Matters is a student-based, non-partisan organization that aims to increase awareness of the political process and reform campaign spending. At BU, Democracy Matters sponsors speakers and hosts events to increase the awareness of politics and the impact it has on the lives of students.
When she came to BU, Kinkead set a personal goal to becoming part of the campus community; however, she found that she lost interest in organizations after a few meetings.

“I joined a bunch of groups, but nothing stuck or they just didn’t appeal to me. Then, I was at Constitution Day and I saw the speakers and got interested in the group, so I went to the meeting and joined. Democracy Matters stuck,” Kinkead said.

Kinkead became interested in politics during her senior year in high school. She found herself fascinated by a required government course and inspired by a favorite teacher.
“My senior year English teacher was really into politics and it made me want to study the subject,” said Kinkead.

As president of Democracy Matters, also referred to as “campus coordinator,” Kinkead hopes to get the group more involved with the local high schools. She wants to give high school students hands-on experience and show them how they can start a chapter.

“Groups in high school didn’t prepare me for this. I want students to have more opportunities,” Kinkead said.

Kinkead’s other goal as president of Democracy Matters is to increase participation in BU’s group. “You see an influx with presidential elections and some with local elections, but I want to get more students registered as members,” said Kinkead.

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