Local Bloomsburg University student holds state and local office

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Date:  April 13, 2006


BLOOMSBURG— When most people return from summer camp they have stories and bug bites, but Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania student Caitlan Siggins came back with a sense of confidence in the major she was pursuing and a love of assisting exceptional children.

Siggins, a native of Temple, is majoring in special education, elementary education, but for her it is all about the ability to help people.

“I always knew I wanted to help people and when I observed a special education classroom I fell in love with it and knew it was what I wanted to do,” said Siggins.

As a senior at Muhlenburg High School, she was able to observe different fields to help decide what area of study would entice her. She looked at the medical profession and spent time in hospitals, but it wasn’t until she walked into a special education classroom that she knew what major she wanted to pursue.

Siggins came to BU because she heard that the program was one of the best in the state. At that time she was planning to major in deaf education but, after taking an introductory course in sign language, she realized that special education was the field for her. Her interests in special education led her to BU’s SCEC, Student Council for Exceptional Children.

“I met the past president my first year at BU and have been involved ever since,” said Siggins.

After becoming involved in SCEC, Siggins became president of the local chapter and in July she will officially take the position of president-elect for the state chapter. As president-elect she will help with the annual convention, plan student sessions and get ideas for fundraisers. Siggins will be paired with a member of the professional board of PA-SCEC whom she will shadow and assist with organizational goals.

Becoming president-elect wasn’t something Siggins was planning when she attended the state convention last fall. She decided to run for the position after people convinced her she could handle the responsibilities. She believes the final push to run for election came from all the support she had.

“I was worried because I had a lot going on and I didn’t know if I could handle it, but everyone thought I would be able to,” Siggins said.

Despite the demand of holding a state office Siggins makes plenty of time to serve as president position of the local chapter. “I’ve started to build a relationship with the SOLVE office. We’d like to be able to help out with some of their events,” said Siggins. SOLVE, BU’s volunteer office, stands for Students Organized to Learn through Volunteerism and Employment.

Siggins is also very involved in planning and leading the Special Olympics. The events occur once a week and range from soccer and basketball to bocce. As venue coordinator and state head of the Bocce Bash, she recruits volunteers for the activity planned for BU’s Nelson Field House each fall.

After graduation Siggins is hopes to teach secondary special education. “I’d like to teach in a high school, life skills or something like that. I’m looking to go out of state, maybe south, because I like to travel,” she said.

Bloomsburg University is one of 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The university serves approximately 8,000 students and offers 65 bachelor’s, 18 master’s and one doctoral degree.