BU Student Receives Research Award

For Immediate Release

November 18, 2005

BLOOMSBURG— Findings from a summer spent researching the exercise abilities of children recently gained recognition for a Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania senior exercise science major.

Luke Haile of Bloomsburg was awarded the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Undergraduate Student Investigator Award earlier this month. Haile’s research is titled “Influence of testing sequence on a child’s ability to achieve maximal anaerobic and aerobic power.”

With his mentor, BU exercise science assistant professor Joseph Andreacci, Haile studied how the order of exercise tests affects children’s performances. The children were split into two groups and all performed a Wingate anaerobic test and a maximal oxygen consumption treadmill test. The only difference between the two groups was the order in which the tests were performed.

“We found that the kids who performed the Wingate before the maximal oxygen consumption test couldn't achieve the same values during the oxygen consumption test as (when we first tested them), but the kids who performed the maximal oxygen consumption test before the Wingate could achieve the same values,” Haile said.

Haile concluded that the testing sequence is important in determining children’s performance. He also found that allowing children to rest for 20 minutes between the two tests did not affect the reliability of the results.

Haile’s award reflects the quality of his presentation at the MARC-ACSM conference and the significance of his research. The award is given to one undergraduate student each year.

“When an undergraduate at a smaller school goes up against students from bigger schools and wins something like this, it’s great for the program and for Luke. I hope it pushes him to go further and continue doing research,” Andreacci said.

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