Collaborative effort gets graduate student published

BLOOMSBURG — Elizabeth Kribbs, a master’s degree student in Middle Level Education (Grades 4-8) Program, recently had her research paper published in the “International Journal of Research and Science.”

Her paper, “A Review of the Effects of Visual-Spatial Representations and Heuristics on Word Problem Solving in Middle School Mathematics,” reviews the techniques of Visual-spatial representation and Heuristics to see how these strategies might help students in middle schools solve mathematic word problems.

“I am getting my master’s degree in middle level mathematics, so naturally I am interested in strategies that would help these students,” said Kribbs. “I wanted to focus on word problems, because my experiences have shown me that these problems continue to pose a significant challenge to students. I wanted to find solutions that would satisfy both the needs of these students and the current demands for research-based practices.”

With out the help of her professor Beth Rogowsky, Kribbs said she would have not taken her paper to the extent it got to. Rogowsky was the one who encouraged Kribbs to send her manuscript to a research journal.

“She worked with me throughout the summer, sharing her experiences and offering me new research opportunities to make sure that everything in my paper was ready for publication,” Kribbs said. “I could not have done this without her.”

Kribbs added the publication offers confirmation to her that dedication and hard work do pay off.

“Over the last few years, I have acquired confidence in the classroom through all of the teaching opportunities offered to me,” Kribbs said. “I have also witnessed the effects of different perspectives and cultural influences through several practicum and research experiences. All of these elements combined have made me a better teacher and have framed my hopes and expectations for my students and myself.”