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Supervisory Certificate in Special Education (Fall 2008)


1. Valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate

2. Completion of an appropriate master's degree program (The supervisory program can be imbedded within the program of study of the Master of Science in Special Education)

3. Evidence of at least five years of satisfactory teaching experience. (Emergency certificate or intern teaching certificates are not acceptable)

Program of Study: 21 credits

EDFOUND.573 Introduction to Educational Administration (3)

SPECED.501 Special Education Administration (3)

SPECED.502 Principles of Special Education Law (3)

SPECED.503 Curricular Design and Instruction for Inclusive Education (3)

SPECED.575 Current Issues in Special Education (3)

SPECED.595 Internship (6)

Application for Certification:

1. Achieve passing score on PRAXIS test 10410 Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision

2. Completion of forms PDE 338G, PDE 338C, PDE338 V (one 338 V for each employer)