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Masters of Middle Level Education (M.Ed.) Grades 4-8

Administered by the Department of Early Childhood and Adolescent Education

Effective Fall 2012

This graduate program provides coursework that leads to PDE Certification for teaching in grades 4 through 8. The program and certification requires a concentration in mathematics, language arts, science, or social studies. The concentration requirements are met through undergraduate coursework that have either been complete as part of the BA/BS or must be met during graduate coursework. See the program advisor for the required undergraduate course concentration requirements.

Foundation Core Courses: (15 Credits)

EDFOUND.584 Curriculum Theory, Design and Development or ELEMED.524 Knowledge and the Curriculum in the Elementary School

EDFOUND.506 Multicultural Education

SECED.530 Foundations of Teaching

PROFSTUD.591 Research in Education

EDFOUND.504 Technology for Teachers

Certification Core Courses: (33 Credits)

ELEMED.551 Methods and Materials in Science and Mathematics for the Mid-Level

ELEMED.560 Methods and Materials in Language Arts and Social Studies for the Mid-Level

READING.546 Reading in Content Areas

PROFSTUD.501 Teaching, Learning, Assessment

PROFSTUD.594 English Language Learners

ELEMED.540 Theory of Middle Level Education

____________ Graduate Practicum

SECED.351 Teaching of Communication in Secondary School OR SECED.552. Teaching of Math in Secondary School OR SECED.553 Teaching of Science in Secondary School

OR SECED.555 Teaching of Social Studies in Secondary School

SPECED.506 Introduction to Early Intervention or SPECED.516 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

SPECED.557 Linking Assessment and Instruction

SPECED.558 Methods of Instruction

Student Teaching Requirement: (6 Credits)

ELEMED.594 Student Teaching

Departmental Paper

Undergraduate Content Prerequisites:

  1. 30 credits of approved content courses
  2. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. Adolescent Development or Psychology (3 credits)