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Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (M.S.)

Administered by the Department of Exceptionality Programs

Effective Summer 2017

Students graduating with an M.S. degree in education of the deaf/hard of hearing from Bloomsburg University are eligible, upon completion of the application process, for national Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) certification and Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Certification.

Admission. Applicants with bachelor's degrees are eligible for application to this program MS in Education of the Deaf/HH. Additional pre-requisite courses specifically related to Deaf Education are listed below and if an applicant completed their bachelor’s degree in a field other than education, five (5) additional education related courses are also pre-requisites for application to this program.

Pre-requisite undergraduate Deaf Education courses (or equivalents) include:

ASLTERP.155 American Sign Language I

ASLTERP.226 American Sign Language II

ASLTERP.227 American Sign Language III

AUDSLP.200 Introduction to Audiology

DEAFHH.201 History, Education, and Guidance of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Choose one of the Following two courses:

DEAFHH.325 Practicum with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

DEAFHH.461 Technology-based Observations/Interactions

Additional Pre-requisite undergraduate courses (or equivalents) for students who have their bachelor’s degree in an area outside of Education, include:

EDFOUND.291 Principles of Teaching

SPECED.101 Intro to Individuals w/ Exceptionalities

SPECED.275 Linking Assessment/Instruction

SPECED.358 Methods of instruction

PROFSTUD.494 ESL Strat/Meth or AUDSLP.432 ELL: Comm/Educ Strat

A bachelor's degree with a QPA of 3.0 is required for those making application to this program. If your GPA is below 3.0, you may be admitted on a provisional basis and must earn a GPA of 3.0 or better upon completion of 9 to 12 semester hours in graduate-level courses. No Cs may be earned during the provisional period.

Applicants must submit a one-page letter stating professional background, experience and rationale for wanting to be admitted to this master's program. Three letters of reference from individuals who have knowledge of the applicant's academic and teaching background are required. For confirmation purposes, the letters must contain the name, address, position and telephone number of the writer.

Applicants must make arrangements with the program coordinator for an interview.

There is one entry point for full-time enrollment in this graduate program - summer semester. The application deadline for summer enrollment is March 15; application for admission as a part-time student is not restricted and may be made at any time. There is no quota for students interested in entering the program on a part-time basis. Part-time students are required to meet with the program coordinator to design a curriculum sequence and time line.


All graduate students must complete a departmental paper (thesis or non-thesis) and successfully pass a comprehensive examination administered during the semester the student plans to graduate. Upon graduation, students are academically prepared to apply for licensure in Pennsylvania and to pursue state and national certification as a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing. Additionally, students are granted a provisional national certification by the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) upon formal application.

The following is an example of a full-time curriculum sequence (39 credits):

Summer Sessions (12 weeks)

DEAFHH.560 Practicum with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

DEAFHH.564 Speech for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

DEAFHH.566 Language Arts and Deafness

DEAFHH.567 Language for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing II

Fall Semester

AUDSLP.500 Auditory Training and Speechreading

**DEAFHH.562 Signing and Instruction in Education Settings

**DEAFHH.569 Instructional Practices in Deaf Education

*SPECED.565 Special Education Research I or PROFSTUD.591 Research in Ed or EDL.590 Ed Research

Spring Semester

DEAFHH.591 Student Teaching in Deaf Education I

DEAFHH.592 Student Teaching in Deaf Education II

DEAFHH.593 Student Teaching Seminar in Deaf Education

Summer Session (6 weeks)

DEAFHH.575 Counseling Individuals with Special Needs and Their Families

DEAFHH.584 Research in Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Obtained a passing grade on Department Paper

* Students are required to take one of the research courses listed; registration will be determined based on course availability.

**For those students who have taken 6 credits of the dually listed courses (DEAFHH.469 and DEAFHH.462) as undergraduates, 33 credits of graduate work will meet the requirements of the graduate program.