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Business Education (M.Ed.) Blended Program

Effective: Summer 2016

With PA Certification in Business, Computer and Information Technology (K-12)

Individuals who have already obtained a bachelor's degree and would like to receive a Master in Education with certification to teach business education, courses at the K-12 levels in Pennsylvania are provided the following program:

Admission Requirements

The Business Education graduate faculty admit students to the Master of Education program based on an analysis of several qualitative and quantitative criteria, including past academic performance, aptitude for business and education studies, professional accomplishments, and motivation. Individuals seeking admission to the program must provide the following admission materials:

Meet general admission requirements for the School of Graduate Studies.

Once admitted, the program coordinator will review all transcripts to determine whether or not additional undergraduate coursework in the areas of business and/or education are needed. Admitted students must complete all undergraduate requirements prior to student teaching. A specified M.Ed. in BE Teacher Education Packet must be completed prior to enrolling in BUSED 502 (Instructional Strategies and Assessment; a semester of student teaching must be completed prior to graduation and PDE certification application. Praxis II National Teacher Examination test for business education must be passed prior to student teaching.

Complete Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) for international applicants whose native language is not English with a recommended score of 590, 243 on computer test and 100 (minimum of 20 in each category) on the web-based test.

We will also accept official scores of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 7.5.

Please note: Graduate Assistants and Financial Aid are only available to students who have completed all admission requirements for the graduate program. Full-time students can generally complete the program in four semesters (including summer sessions). Graduate courses are scheduled through the College of Business Graduate Secretary; undergraduate prerequisite courses are scheduled through the Adult Advisement Office located in the Student Service Center.

The Business Education program at Bloomsburg University is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and CAEP- Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Retention. Requirements for this program are the same as those for the School of Graduate Studies.

Graduation. A minimum of 46 semester hours in graduate-level courses is required for those seeking an M. Ed. with certification. The program consists of twelve required core courses and two elective courses with an education emphasis.

REQUIRED GRADUATE COURSES (grade of “B” or better)

BUSED.501 Intro to Business Education

BUSED.521 Research in Business Education

BUSED.581 Seminar in BCIT

INSTTECH.542 Tech Apps for Classroom

INSTTECH.584 On-line Course Design

SPECED.516 Orientation to Exceptionalities

SPECED.557 Linking Assessment Instruction for students with Disabilities

AUDSLP.532 or PROFSTUD.594 English Language Learner

GRADUATE COURSE ELECTIVES-grade of “B” or better

(Must take 6-8 credits of electives)

EDFOUND.527 Classroom MGMT and Eff Discipline

EDFOUND.516 Computers and the Curriculum

EDFOUND.565 Advance Foundations for Education

EDL.503 School Law and Finance

EDL.501 Organizational Behavior and Program Dev

EDL.505 Curriculum and Instruction – Theory, Design and Dev

ITM.512 Web and Mobile Dev for Business

ITM.590 Strategic ITM

ITM.592 Data Mgmt for Bus Intelligence

ITM.510 Business Applications

INSTTECH.572 Intro to Authoring

Additional graduate level professional education requirements for certification: (must be admitted to teacher education before enrolling in these courses)

BUSED.502 Instructional Strategies and Assessment

BUSED.503 BCIT Field Experience

BUSED.504 Professional Semester in BCIT

BUSED.506 Clinical Studies in BCIT

Total Program Credits = 46 graduate credits

This program is designed to be a Blended format, with many courses being taught on-line.