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Career Concentration in Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Administered by Department of Teaching and Learning and Exceptionalities

Effective Fall 2014

This area of concentration provides students with core content related to the education of individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and is pre-requisite for application to the Master of Science program in Education of the Deaf. This concentration does not provide students with certification in Deaf Education.

Required Courses (18 Credits):

ASLTERP.155 American Sign Language I

ASLTERP.226 American Sign Language II

AUDSLP.200 Introduction to Audiology

DEAFHH.201 History, Education, and Guidance of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

DEAFHH.305 Introduction to Instructional Methods for the Deaf/HOH

DEAFHH.325 Practicum for the Deaf


DEAFHH.461 Technology-based Observations/Interactions across the Country