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Minor in American Sign Language

Interdisciplinary Program Administered by the Department of Exceptionality Program

Effective Spring 2013

The minor in sign language will involve a developmental sequence of 15 credit hours in sign language courses and three credit hours in Deaf Culture. Students outside of the ASL/English Interpreting Program will have an opportunity to strengthen an additional skill which will make them more employable and acceptable for graduate programs. Students may wish to major in an area of their interest and want to work with the deaf/hard of hearing population in that area. Examples could be psychology/sign language, nursing/sign language, and education/sign language. Students must receive advisement from the Department of Exceptionality Programs in regard to course selections.

Requirements (18 credits)

Required Courses:

ASLTERP.155 American Sign Language (ASL) I

ASLTERP.226 American Sign Language (ASL) II

ASLTERP.257 American Sign Language (ASL) III

ASLTERP.327 American Sign Language (ASL) IV

ASLTERP.358 American Sign Language (ASL) V

ASLTERP.330 Deaf Culture