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Career Concentration in Gerontology

Administered by the Departments of Psychology

Effective: Spring 2014

This program is designed to help prepare students for careers in aging and advanced or graduate training in gerontology. The program emphasizes core information as well as content and process knowledge necessary to work with older adults. It also consists of an internship or field experience that provides first-hand opportunities for students to interact with older adults. Settings for these experiences may include hospitals, retirement communities, assisted-living centers, nursing homes, area agencies on aging, therapeutic day-care programs, and community family counseling centers.

Due to the wide variation of possible career objectives held by students entering the concentration, options have been given in each course category. Students are asked to identify their interests in each category prior to taking any courses, so that their faculty advisor can make recommendations that will complement their career objectives. Students may make changes as they progress through the program with their advisor’s approval. For example, as new courses and/or special topical seminars with a focus on aging are developed, students may make substitutions in the appropriate category with their advisor’s approval.

Courses as well as the internship or field experience are drawn from a variety of University departments, including Biological and Allied Health Sciences, Exercise Science, Nursing, Psychology, and Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. The program consists of 30-36 credit hours: 27 credit hours of course work and 3-9 credit hours of field experience. Options are available in all category areas, so that students may personalize their gerontology career concentration program.

I. Core courses: 12 credits

Two (2) required courses:

PSYCH.101 General Psychology

PSYCH.210 Life Span Psychology (Nursing Majors ONLY) or PSYCH.218 Principles of Gerontology

Choose any two (2) courses from the following:

BIOLOGY.107 Medical Terminology

BIOLOGY.231 Biology of Aging

PSYCH.131 Psychology of Adjustment

SOCWORK.133 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

SOC.211 Principles of Sociology

II. Content courses: 9 credits

Choose any three (3) courses from the following:

BIOLOGY.205 Introduction to Nutrition or NURSING.211Nutrition

ECONOMIC.317 Population and Resource Problems

EXERCISE.321 First Aid and Safety

NURSING.213 Foundations of Nursing Practice

NURSING.307 Contemporary Health Issues of Aging

PHIL.290 Medical Ethics

PSYCH.335 Psychological Disorders

SOC.213 Contemporary Social Problems

SOC.231 Marriage and Family

SOCWORK.456 Social Work and Issues of Aging

III. Methods, skills, or process courses: 6 credits

Choose any two (2) courses from the following:

Courses (below) marked with an * (asterisk) must have prior approval in order to fill the requirement for this concentration. Approval will be given to seminars and research projects that are focused on aging issues or older populations.

EXERCISE.397 Adult Health Development Program

NURSING.410 Community Health Nursing

NURSING.411 Psychological Mental Health Nursing

*PSYCH.406 Psychology Seminar

PSYCH.430 Community Psychology

*PSYCH.466 Independent Study

PSYCH.476 Principles of Behavior Modification

*SOC.466 Social Research

SOCWORK.334 Social Work with Individuals and Families

SOCWORK.450 Social Work with Groups and Groups at Risk

SOCWORK.452 Social Work with Organizations and Communities

IV. Internship or field experience: 3- 9 credits

Choose one (1) course from the following:

Courses (below) marked with an * (asterisk) must have prior approval in order to fill the requirement for this concentration. Approval will be given to all field experiences that are focused on aging issues or older populations.

*BIOLOGY.490 Internship in Biology and Allied Health Sciences

*EXERCISE.498 Internship in Exercise Science

NURSING.311 Adult Health Nursing

*PSYCH.497 Practicum in Psychology

*SOC.496 Sociology Internship Program

*SOCWORK.497 Social Work Internship