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Minor in Emergent Media

Administered by Mass Communications

Effective Fall 2014

A minor in Emergent Media in Mass Communications provides students in disciplines outside of the major with a broad background in emergent media and its functional uses. The program will enable students to develop a strong foundation in emerging media, particularly in the areas of new communication technologies, website development and design, and visual communications within a mass communications context. In today's media-centric world employers are looking for individuals with multiple skills in the latest media use and design, media literacy, and web design and development. The minor consists of 18 semester hours.

Core (6 Credits)

MASSCOMM.110 Introduction to Mass Communications

MASSCOMM.120 Emergent Media in Mass Communications

Foundation/Skills (9 Credits)

MASSCOMM.220 Multimedia in Mass Communications I

MASSCOMM.260 Introduction to Mediated Communication

MASSCOMM.280 Visual Communication

MASSCOMM.320 Multimedia in Mass Communications II

Capstone (3 Credits)

MASSCOMM.420 Media Intensive Workshop