Bloomsburg University Academic Programs
Academic Catalog

Minor in Languages and Cultures: Russian and East European Studies

Administered by the Department of Languages and Cultures
Effective Fall, 2013

Foundational language courses (all required)
RUSSIAN.101 Russian I
RUSSIAN.102 Russian II
RUSSIAN.203 Intermediate Russian I
RUSSIAN.204 Intermediate Russian II

Culture (choose 1 of the following courses)
RUSSIAN.211 Russian Culture and Civilization
RUSSIAN.212 Russian Film, Literature, and Culture
RUSSIAN.214 East European Film, Literature, and Culture

Concentration (choose 1 course from one of the following three areas)
HISTORY.349 Medieval Russia
HISTORY.356 Imperial Russia
HISTORY.452 Soviet Russia
HISTORY.405/505 Jews of Europe
HISTORY.460/461 Topics in European History
LANGCULT.200 Comparative Cultural Studies
LANGCULT.400 Comparative Language Studies
RUSSIAN.290 Independent Study

Social and Political Studies
ANTHRO.440 Language and Culture
ANTHRO.320 Contemporary World Cultures
EGGS.102 World Cultural Geography
EGGS.104 World Regional Geography
EDFOUND.406 Multicultural Education
POLISCI.181 Contemporary Issues in World Politics
POLISCI.280 Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI.487 International Law and Organization

ECONOMIC.322 Contrasting Economics
ECONOMIC.333 International Economics
ECONOMIC.334 Economic Growth of Underdeveloped Areas
ECONOMIC.531 Current Economic Problems
ECONOMIC.532 Comparative Economic Systems
ECONOMIC.533 International Economic Policies and Relations
BUSED.350 Valuing Diversity in Business
LAW.407 International Legal Environment in Business
* Up to 9 credits can be satisfied by credit transfer from study abroad programs in Poland, the Russian Federation, or Ukraine.
**Program inclusion of the elective concentration courses has been approved by chairpersons of related departments.