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Minor in French (FRENCH)

Administered by the Department of Languages and Cultures

Effective Spring 2015

Requirements for the minor in French (18 credit hours)

FRENCH.206 Structure of the French Language (required)

FRENCH.102 French II

FRENCH.203 French III

FRENCH.204 French IV

(By advisement, students may substitute FRENCH.102, FRENCH.203 and FRENCH.204 with FRENCH electives if they place out of those courses on the Language Placement Test.)

FRENCH.205 Applied Phonetics and Pronunciation

FRENCH.206 Structure of the French Language

FRENCH.207 Conversation: French Daily Life

FRENCH.211 Foundations of French Culture and Civilization

FRENCH.212 France Today

FRENCH.290 French Studies Abroad

FRENCH.309 Commercial French I

FRENCH.331 Selected 20th-Century Writers

FRENCH.333 French through Film

FRENCH.401 Advanced French Language

FRENCH.402 Contemporary Issues in Francophone Media

FRENCH.423 Black Francophone Writers & Cultures

FRENCH.422 Masterpieces of French Literature

FRENCH.431 Special Topics

FRENCH.490 Independent Study