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Minor in Creative Writing (ENGLISH)

Administered by Department of English

Effective Spring, 2008

The Minor in Creative Writing will include 6 courses in the Department of English, 3 from the lower division, 3 from the upper division as shown on the Program Course Checklist

The Minor in Creative Writing consists of 18 credit hours, selected to meet the following requirements:

Lower-division courses (9 hours):

ENGLISH.204 Introduction to Creative Writing

Any 2 English literature or linguistics courses on the 100 or 200 level, except 101, 201, and 205

Upper-division courses (9 hours):

2 courses from the following:

ENGLISH.300 Writing Children's Literature

ENGLISH.301 Creative Writing: Fiction

ENGLISH.302 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction

ENGLISH.303 Creative Writing: Poetry

ENGLISH.404 Creative Writing Seminar

THEATRE.340 Scriptwriting

Approval of the Department Chair or Assistant Chair