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Minor in Economics (ECONOMIC)

Administered by Department of Economics

Effective Fall, 2008

The minor provides a basic competence in economics for non-economics majors and constitutes 18 semester hours. Courses required for a minor in economics are:

Core courses in economics

ECONOMIC.121 Principles of Economics I

ECONOMIC.122 Principles of Economics II

ECONOMIC.221 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

ECONOMIC.222 Intermediate Micro-Theory and Managerial Economics

Electives in economics

Choose two courses from the following three areas:

General Economics Theory

ECONOMIC.313 Labor Economics

ECONOMIC.315 Business and Government

ECONOMIC.316 Urban Economics

ECONOMIC.326 Public Finance

ECONOMIC.327 Money and Banking

ECONOMIC.329 Environmental Economics

ECONOMIC.333 International Economics

Statistical Analysis

ECONOMIC.256 Business and Economic Statistics I

ECONOMIC.356 Business and Economic Statistics II

ECONOMIC.456 Introduction to Econometrics

Economic History and Systems

ECONOMIC.322 Contrasting Economics

ECONOMIC.323 History of Economic Thought

ECONOMIC.324 Economic Theory of the Western World

ECONOMIC.334 Economic Growth in Underdeveloped Areas

ECONOMIC.460 Advanced Political Economy