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Career Concentration in Information Assurance

Administered by Management Information Systems and Computer and Information Systems, College of Business

Effective Fall, 2009

This career concentration in Information Assurance addresses an important need in business today, which is the assurance of the information asset. It is open to any student in any major.

Students should have demonstrated computer competency skills consistent with the students major field and must satisfy the following requirement totaling 24/27 credits.

Accounting Fundamentals:

ACCT.220 Financial Accounting OR

ACCT.221 Principles of Accounting 1 and MISCIS.222 Principles of Accounting 2

Required Courses:

ACCT.456 Computer Forensics and Fraud Examination

ITM.408 Systems Security Management

MISCIS.351 Systems Analysis and Design

MISCIS.353 Management Information Systems

MISCIS.358 Data Communication Systems

MISCIS.475 Info Age Organization

One elective course is required from the following:

CRIMJUST.330 White-Collar Crime

MISCIS.373 Economics of Information Systems