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Career Concentration in Fraud Examination

Administered by Department of Accounting

Effective Fall 2014

The concentration consists of 18 credits, 12 of which must be taken at Bloomsburg University. A minimum cumulative average of 2.0 must be achieved in all courses required for the concentration.

Required courses:

ACCT.326 Introduction to Fraud Examination

ACCT.426 Advanced Fraud Examination

ACCT.436 Fraud Investigation

ACCT.456 Computer Forensics and Fraud Examination

CRIMJUST.101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

LAW.336 Legal Aspects of Fraud

Prerequisites for ACCT.326 include: ACCT.120, ACCT.220, or ACCT.221 and ACCT.222. Courses may be applied toward completion of a major or minors in business and/or as electives.