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Specific Requirements - Values, Ethics, and Reasoning

Values, Ethics, and Responsible Decision-Making (Goal Three) Three Credits

Three credits from the approved list of values, ethics, and responsible decision-making courses.

01.103 Mindfulness and Achievement

08.301 Honors Seminar: Values

09.213 Science, Technology and Human Values

28.290 Medical Ethics

28.292 Contemporary Moral Problems

28.295 Business Ethics

28.297 Ethics

41.105 Environmental Issues/Choices

42.210 Values Conflict 20th Cent

42.215 Global Issues: Contemporary Values

44.207 Ethics, Politics and Public Policy

45.320 Sociology of Women

46.102 Anthropology and World Problems

46.380 Men and Women82.100 Personal Health
48.131 Psychology Adjustment82.217 Alcohol: Use and Abuse
48.254 Psychology Aspects Society Issues82.230 Drug Use and Abuse
50.230 Human Sexuality82.240 Contemporary Women's Health
50.254 Social Implications Biology82.307 Contemporary Health Issues of Aging
50.275 Drugs in America90.350 Valuing Diversity in Business
54.105 Energy: Source Env Effects96.120 Personal Financial Decisions
60.205 Career Development and Life Planning98.120 Personal Law
60.406 Multicultural Education98.350 Environmental Law & Policy for Business