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Specific Requirements - Diversity Requirements

Diversity Requirement (Goals Seven and Ten) Six Credits

Six credits (two courses from different departments) which are from an approved list of diversity focused courses. Diversity courses are to focus wholly on topics related to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, language, and/or global perspectives that provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity. Diversity courses may be taken in general education, in the major, or as free electives.

05.334 Women in Sport

08.130 Honors Social Science I

08.302 Honors Seminar, Diversity

10.203 French III

10.204 French IV

10.211 Found of French Cult. and Civilization

10.212 France Today

11.203 German III

11.204 German IV

11.211 German Culture and Civilization I

11.212 German Culture and Civilization II

12.203 Spanish III42.457 History of the Early Ottoman Empire
12.204 Spanish IV42.458 History of the Late Ottoman Empire
12.209 Spanish for Social Services42.469 Women/Gender Euro 1
12.211 Spanish Culture and Civilization 42.470 Women/Gender Euro 2
12.212 Spanish-American Cult and Civilization43.420 Crime, Inequality and Identity
12.213 US Hispanic Cult and Lit 43.470 Cults and Apocalyptic Movements
12.221 Spanish Cult Film44.222 Women and Politics
12.222 Latin Amer Cult Film44.377 Feminist Political Theory
12.325 Spanish for Educators45.215 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
12.420 Hispanic Literatures45.221 Social Work and Diversity
14.203 Italian III45.320 Sociology of Gender
16.200 Comparative Cultural Studies46.101 Introduction to Anthropology
19.203 Chinese III46.102 Anthropology and World Problems
19.204 Chinese IV46.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology
19.211 Chinese Culture and Civilization I 46.240 Native North America
19.212 China Today 46.290 Anthropology of Race and Racism
20.256 Non-Western Literature I 46.310 Aztecs and Mayans .
20.257 Non-Western Literature II 46.312 S. Amer Archaeology
20.281 U.S. Latino Literature46.320 Contemporary World Cultures
20.283 Jewish Fiction 46.333 Ethnic Identity in the United States
20.287 Black Women Writers 46.350 Medical Anthropology
20.288 Feminist Reading of Culture 46.370 Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico
20.388 Gender/Race/Class 46.380 Men and Women: Anthro
20.436 African American Literature46.390 Sociology of the Child
25.220 Intercultural Communication 46.440 Language and Culture
25.309 Gender Issues in Communication 46.450 Peoples and Cultures of South America
25.494 Advanced Studies in Communication 46.480 Religion and Magic
28.408 Feminist Philosophy 48.350 Psychology of Sex and Gender
31.345 History of Near Eastern Art 49.221 Social Work and Diversity
31.346 History of Far Eastern Art 50.230 Human Sexuality
31.360 Women, Art and Society60.393 Social Foundations of Education
35.102 World Music 60.394 Education in an Urban Society
40.313 Labor Economics60.406 Multicultural Education
41.102 World Cultural Geography 70.101 Introduction to Individuals w/Exceptionalities
42.131 Asian Culture to 150072.420 ELL: Developing Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
42.132 Asian Culture since 1500 72.425 ELL: Assessment and Support Services for ELLs
42.141 Modern Far East 75.330 Deaf Culture
42.143 Black Africa 79.430 Honors Seminar Professional Studies
42.145 History of the Muslim World to 1405 82.410 Community Health Nursing
42.146 History of the Muslim Word since 1405 82.451 Transcultural Health Issues
42.151 History of Pre-Colonial Africa 90.330 International Business Seminar
42.152 History of Modern Africa 90.350 Value of Diversity in Business
42.210 Values Conflict in 20th Century History 91.320 International Accounting
42.216 Africa/Black Atl to 1790 93.355 Managing Multicultural Organizations
42.217 Africa/Black Atl 1790+ 93.456 International Management
42.224 Immigrant Experience 95.400 International Business
42.228 African American History 97.380 International Marketing
42.329 The American Woman 98.340 Law and Literature
42.395 African American Radicalism in the 20th Century 98.407 International Legal Environment
42.456 History of the Modern Middle East 98.460 Employment, Discrimination & Affirmative Action