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Distribution Requirements – Group C (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

Thirty six (36) credits are required with 12 credits required from each of the three general academic areas of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics. No more than six credits from a given academic major may count toward this distribution requirement.

At most one course which an individual uses to satisfy the Specific Requirements in communication, quantitative/analytical reasoning or, values/ethics, may be used to satisfy distribution requirements in the Distribution Requirements Humanities (A), Social Sciences (B), or Natural Sciences and Mathematics (C). The Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee (BUCC) or an individual academic department with the approval of the BUCC may exclude any of its courses from being counted as a distribution requirement.

Group C-Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 12 Credits - Twelve credits from courses developing an understanding of approaches to gain knowledge in the natural sciences (Goal Five), an understanding of the relationship of the individual to her/his environment (Goal Eight), and knowledge of the major contributions in the natural sciences and mathematics (Goal Nine). At least three different natural sciences and mathematics departments must be represented in these 12 credits with two or more credits taken from each department selected. Natural sciences and mathematics departments include Biological and Allied Health Sciences, Chemistry, Geography and Geosciences (courses with "51" numbers), Mathematics and Computer Science (courses with "53" numbers), and Physics and Engineering Technology (courses with "54" numbers).

50 - Biological and Allied Health Sciences

51 - Geography and Geosciences

52 - Chemistry

53 - Mathematics (but not computer science courses)

54 - Physics

In addition, these courses are eligible:

08.110 Honors Math and Science I

08.210 Honors Math and Science II

09.173 Seminar Natural Sciences and Mathematics

09.495 Honors Seminar Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The following courses are not eligible for Group C credit:

50.205 Intro to Nutrition

50.230 Human Sexuality

50.254 Social Implications Biology

58.180 CAD Engineering Graphics