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Distribution Requirements - Group B (Social Sciences)

Thirty six (36) credits are required with 12 credits required from each of the three general academic areas of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics. No more than six credits from a given academic major may count toward this distribution requirement.

At most one course which an individual uses to satisfy the Specific Requirements in communication, quantitative/analytical reasoning or, values/ethics, may be used to satisfy distribution requirements in the Distribution Requirements Humanities (A), Social Sciences (B), or Natural Sciences and Mathematics (C). The Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee (BUCC) or an individual academic department with the approval of the BUCC may exclude any of its courses from being counted as a distribution requirement.

Group B--Social Sciences, 12 Credits -Twelve credits from courses developing an understanding of approaches to gain knowledge in the social sciences (Goal Five), an understanding of our own society and the place of an individual in that society (Goal Seven), knowledge of the major contributions in the social sciences (Goal Nine), and global awareness (Goal Ten). At least three different social sciences departments must be represented in these 12 credits with two or more credits taken from each department selected. Social sciences departments include Anthropology, Economics, Geography and Geosciences (courses with 41" numbers), Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and Social Work and Criminal Justice.

40 - Economics

41 - Geography

43 - Criminal Justice

44 - Political Science

45 - Sociology

46 - Anthropology

48 - Psychology

49- Social Work

In addition, these courses are eligible:

08.130 Honors Social Science I

08.230 Honors Social Science II

09.172 Sch Sem Soc Sci

09.496 Honors Independent Study Soc Sci I

09.497 Honors Sem Soc Sci

09.498 Honors Independent Study Soc Sci II

70.101 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

72.152 Introduction to Communications Disorders

90.101 Introduction to Business

98.120 Personal Law

The following courses are not eligible for group B credit:

40.156 Business and Economics Mathematics

40.180 Special Topics

40.256 Business and Economics Statistics I

40.356 Business and Economics Statistics II

40.456 Introduction to Econometrics

40.470 Senior Seminar

40.480 Advanced Special Topics

40.490 Independent Study

41.350 Advance Planning