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Minor in Audiology and Speech Pathology (Fall 2008)

Administered by Audiology and Speech Pathology

Effective Fall 2008

The minor in Audiology and Speech Pathology is offered to any individual enrolled at Bloomsburg who wishes to gain an introductory understanding of the professions of audiology and/or speech pathology. The undergraduate minor addresses basic processes of communication, development of communicative competence and an overview of the communication disorders. Students can use the minor to enhance preparation in their major or to explore the professions in preparation for graduate education in audiology or speech pathology. Completion of the minor does not qualify the student for certification as an audiologist or speech pathologist, nor does it meet the requirements for a speech-language assistant.

Choose six of the following seven courses:

72.152 Introduction Communication Disorders

72.200 Introduction to Audiology

72.220 Phonetics

72.240 Normal Language Acquisition

72.400 Auditory Training and Speech Reading

72.410 Applied Speech Science

72.460 Psycholinguistics