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Minor in Sociology (Fall 2008)

Administered by the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Effective Fall 2008

A student is required to take 18 credit hours of Sociology courses for the Sociology minor. All students are required to take one course (45.211 Principles of Sociology) and then select five additional courses, according to areas of interest of the student and with the advice and consent of his or her advisor.


45.211 Principles of Sociology

Choose five from the following list of courses:

45.213 Contemporary Social Problems

45.215 Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

45.217 Sociology of Sport

45.231 Marriage and Family

45.255 Research Methods of Social Inquiry

45.260 Basic Social Statistics

45.275 Sociological Theory

45.316 Urban Sociology

45.318 Social Stratification

45.319 Religion and Society

45.320 Sociology of Gender

45.345 Medical Sociology

45.360 Microsociology

45.375 Science and Society

45.400 Sociology of Mass Communication

45.443 Sociology of Deviant Behavior

45.457 Sociology of Community

45.461 Social Problems in Rural/Urban Communities

45.465 Computer Applications in the Social Sciences

45.466 Advanced Social Research

45.467 Population Problems

45.470 Senior Seminar

45.474 Contemporary Environmental Issues

45.478 Sociology of Work

45.490 Sociology of Aging