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Minor in Chinese Studies

Administered by Department of Languages and Cultures

Effective Fall 2008

The program requires 18 credits. The Chinese Minor focuses on language training in particular, requiring students to earn 12 credits in Chinese I - IV, and 6 credits in Chinese culture studies. Credits can be transferred with approval. The goal of this curriculum is to help students reach intermediate to advanced proficiency levels.

Required and Elective Courses for the Minor in Chinese Studies

Required (12 credits)

19.101 Chinese I

19.102 Chinese II

19.203 Chinese III

19.204 Chinese IV

Electives (Choose 6 credits from the following)

19.211 Foundations of Chinese Civilization

19.212 China Today

42.131 Asian Civilization to 1500

42.132 Asian Civilization since 1500

42.359 20th Century China

42.355 East Asia since 1800

44.368 Asian Politics

44.360 Nations, States and Governments

44.310 Government and Politics of China

44.370 Government and Politics of China and India

31.346 Art History of the Far East

Students may, with program director's approval, transfer credits.

Program inclusion of these courses has been approved by chairpersons of related department.