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Minor in Professional Writing

Interdisciplinary Program Administered by the College of Liberal Arts

Effective Spring 2008

The Minor in Professional Writing will include 6 courses, 2 from a list of courses approved as meeting the second writing requirement in General Education and reflecting writing offerings from a variety of departments, 1 from upper-division English courses in linguistics, 2 from upper-division English Department courses in professional writing, and 1 additional writing course from the lists approved for the minor.

The Minor in Professional Writing will consist of 18 hours (6 courses), meeting the

following requirements:

Requirements (18 credits)

GROUP 1 [6 credits]: Two courses from the following:

09.231 Technical Writing
20.111 Language and Social Interaction
20.201 Composition 2
20.203 Approaches to Literary Study
20.212 Practical Grammar and Usage
26.340 Scriptwriting
31.460 Research and Writing in Art History
42.298 Historiography and Historical Methods
42.398 Research and Writing Skills in History
46.385 Anthropology Research and Writing Skills
50.290 Writing in Biology

GROUP 2 [3 credits]: One course from the following:

20.311 Structure of English
20.312 History of the English Language
20.411 Modern Linguistic Theory
20.413 Language in American Society

GROUP 3 [6 credits]: Two courses from the following:

20.306 Theory and Practice of Writing
20.307 Writing for the Internet
20.308 Advanced Expository Writing
20.309 Writing and Evaluating Technical Manuals
20.401 Writing in the Professions
20.402 Writing in Multiple Media

One additional course from GROUP 1 or GROUP 3 [3 credits]