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Minor in Communication Studies

Administered by Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts

Effective Fall, 2010

Students who hold a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a minimum of 15 semester hours are eligible for admission to the minor. Students must maintain the minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average to continue study for a Communication Studies minor. Students who do not maintain the required grade point average will be put on probation for one semester during which they must regain the required grade point average.

General Education Requirement (6 semester hours)

25.103 Public Speaking

25.104 Interpersonal Communication

Required Courses for Communication Studies Minor (6 semester hours)

25.205 Understanding Social Influence or 25.215 Communication Theory

25.207 Communication Research Methods or 25.209 Examining Communication

Electives for Communication Studies Minor (9 semester hours)

25.220 Intercultural Communication*

25.306 Computer Applications for Professional Communicators

25.307 Communication for Business Professionals

25.309 Gender Issues in Communication*

25.310 Organizational Communication Theory

25.313 Conflict Management and Resolution

25.315 Persuasion

25.321 Argumentation

25.324 Health Communication

25.407 Interviewing

25.413 Community Leadership

25.417 Media and Visual Culture

25.418 Issue and Image Campaigns

25.419 Family Communication

25.420 Nonverbal Communication

25.423 Communication Training in Organizations

25.424 Corporate Communication

25.425 Relational Communication

25.426 Leadership and Team Building

25.427 Strategic Communication

25.492 Special Topics in Organizational Communication

25.493 Special Topics in Interpersonal Communication

25.495 Special Topics in Leadership and Public Advocacy

*Also serves as a Diversity Course