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Minor in Legal Studies

Administered by Department of Finance and Legal Studies

Effective Fall 2009

The interdisciplinary minor in Legal Studies consists of 21 semester hours, 15 of which must be taken at Bloomsburg University. Required, but not a prerequisite for other courses, is:

98.331 Law and the Legal Environment

Take at least one course from each of the following four groups: law and the humanities; law and the social sciences; rhetoric, theory and jurisprudence; and legal environment, regulation and doctrine.

Law and the Humanities:

20.152 Literature and Society (when focused on law and legal issues or texts)

20.481 Special Topics in English (when focused on law and legal issues or texts)

98.340 Law and Literature

98.498 Special Topics in Law

Consult the Advisor to the LSM when inquiring about whether 20.152 or 20.481 will apply.

Law and the Social Sciences:

43.101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

43.310 Penology

44.446 Constitutional Law I

44.447 Constitutional Law II

44.448 The Judicial Process

44.487 International Law and Organization

48.254 Psychological Aspects of Social Issues

98.336 Legal Aspects of Fraud Examination

Rhetoric, Theory and Jurisprudence:

25.321 Argumentation

28.292 Contemporary Moral Problems

28.405 Philosophy of Law

28.407 Contemporary Political Philosophy

28.477 Philosophy of Ecology

98.350 Environmental Law & Policy for Business

Legal Environment, Regulation and Doctrine:

27.310 Media Law

41.301 Water Resources Management

41.302 Land Business Management

98.332 Business and Commercial Law

98.407 International Legal Environment

98.450 Legal Environment

98.460 Employment and Discrimination Law

98.498 Special Topics in Law

Electives - Two courses from the following options, totaling six semester hours:

Any two additional courses from two of the four categories above;

An independent study course, internship in legal studies, honors seminar or international exchange course or program, with the approval of the Legal Studies Minor coordinator.

Two courses in the first year of law school at Widener School of Law, Harrisburg, if a participant in the “3+3” B.A./J.D. program. See coordinator for details.