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Minor in Business (Fall 2008)

College of Business

Effective Fall, 2008

The minor in business is designed to provide students with a broad background in business and its functional areas. The minor is also offered so students may develop the background necessary to apply their major discipline to business environment.

All majors in the College of Liberal Arts, Professional Studies and Science and Technology are eligible. In the College of Business, the minor is limited to students in Computer and Information Systems and Business Education.

The program will provide students with an understanding of how businesses operate and of the functional areas of marketing, management, accounting, information systems, finance and law. The minor will strengthen the portfolio of non-business majors who plan to pursue business employment after graduation. Additionally, the minor in business will provide those students planning on eventually entering an MBA program with most of the prerequisites needed to enter most MBA programs.


The minor in business consists of 21 credits; a minimum of 12 must be taken at Bloomsburg University. The following courses are required:

90.101 Introduction to Business

91.220 Financial Accounting

92.150 Introduction to Information Technology

93.244 Principles of Management (24 semester hours earned is a prerequisite)

96.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance (40.121 Economics I, 40.122 Economics II, 40.156 B & E Math or 53.123 Essentials of Calculus, 40.256 B & E Statistics are prerequisites and may be used to fulfill requirements in Groups B or C of general education. Higher level calculus courses may be substituted for 40.156 or 53.123 Equivalent statistics courses may be substituted for 40.256 In addition, 91.220 Financial Accounting and 91.223 Managerial Accounting are prerequisites.)

97.310 Marketing Principles and Practices (40.121 Economics I and 40.122 Economics II are prerequisites)

98.331 Introduction to Law and Legal Environment (30 semester hours earned is a prerequisite)

Suggested Course Sequence

90.101 and 92.150 must be taken before the other courses. 96.313 should be taken as the last course. The following sequence of courses is strongly recommended:

Year 1: 90.101 and 92.150

Year 2: 91.220

Year 3: 94.244 and 98.331

Year 4: 97.310 and 96.313