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Career Concentration in Exceptionalities

Administered by Department of Exceptionalities

Effective Fall, 2009

This area of concentration provides students with core content related to the education of individuals with disabilities. This concentration does not provide students with certification in Special Education, but can serve as a mechanism for adding this certification with the completion of additional requirements.

Required Courses:

70.101 Introduction to Individuals with Exceptionalities

70.202 Technology for Individuals with Disabilities

70.206 Introduction to Early Intervention

70.275 Linking Assessment and Instruction for Students with Disabilities

70.358 Methods of Instruction for Individuals with Disabilities

70.417 Behavior Intervention and Support

Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program or department approval (for non-Teacher Education majors) is required for enrollment in 70.358 and 70.417 Course 70.358 is a prerequisite for enrollment in 70.417