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Interdisciplinary (B.A.)

Administered by: Interdisciplinary Major Committee

Effective Spring 2014

As per PRP3604: All students earning a first baccalaureate degree will take at least 30 of their last 45 credits at Bloomsburg University, no more credits are required than the 30 credits. All first baccalaureate students will take at least 50% of credits required for the Major from a PASSHE university. Bloomsburg University may require up to a maximum of 50% of the Major credits. Program exceptions to the policy are to be approved by the Office of the Chancellor.

Students who wish to participate in the Interdisciplinary Major must successfully complete an application process. Students may apply to the Advanced Studies track or the University Studies track. (Note: The Advanced Studies track includes additional requirements.)

The ADVANCED STUDIES TRACK will offer students with unconventional academic interests, superior ability, and exceptional self-discipline the opportunity to design their own program of study. These students' intellectual interests may have led them out of the center of an established major into an area which interacts with one or more other disciplines. This track will target students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher; however, applications from students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 will be considered. This track requires students to complete 3 credits of an integrative senior capstone experience in the form of an independent study project, including all of the pre-requisites for that capstone course and a written or electronic portfolio that showcases their work. Students typically will apply for acceptance into this track after completing a minimum of 30 credits but fewer than 60 credits. Students who pursue this track also may complete a major in a department that has not been integrated into their interdisciplinary major. Courses from a program in which a student is receiving a second major can be used as art of the INTSTUDY major as long as those course credits are not being used to fulfill requirements for the second major.

The UNIVERSITY STUDIES TRACK will benefit students whose undergraduate studies have been delayed or interrupted due to circumstances such as-but not limited to-military service, health-related issues, or family matters. This track also may appeal to experienced learners (e.g., transfer students who enter Bloomsburg University with 60 credits completed) and non-traditional students who are returning to college for personal or career advancement. Students typically will apply for acceptance into this track after exploring the University's undergraduate programs of study in established disciplines (i.e., after completing a minimum of 75 credits but fewer than 90 credits). This track requires students to complete a 3-credit integrative capstone service project culminating in a written or electronic portfolio. Students who pursue this track may not pursue a second undergraduate major at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Major must meet all of the University's requirements for graduation (e.g., General Education requirements, a minimum of 120 credits earned, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0). For the purpose of program assessment, students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Major (Advanced Studies track or University Studies track) will document their academic and professional development through a portfolio (electronic or otherwise) and they will take the ETS Proficiency Test (or its equivalent) upon the completion of their program of study.

The Interdisciplinary Major cannot be used to satisfy current licensure requirements or to gain admittance into competitive undergraduate degree programs (e.g., Education or Nursing). Students whose academic interests can be addressed through regular departmental majors will be referred to those programs.

30 credit hours of upper division (300-400 level) courses. (Note: A minimum of nine credits from upper division courses in each of two or more academic departments is required.)

Integrative Capstone Experience (Note: Requires a 3-credit Independent Study)

When a student has earned between 60 and 75 credits, they will propose the topic for their integrative Capstone Experience by completing a Proposed Integrative Capstone Experience Form.

Once all of your courses that are completed and approved by the Interdisciplinary Major Committee, your proposed curriculum is deemed a statement of required courses. Any changes must be made in writing before the start of your graduating semester and approved by the Interdisciplinary Major Committee.