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Psychology (B.A.)

Administered by Department of Psychology

Effective Spring 2016

As per PRP3604: All students earning a first baccalaureate degree will take at least 30 of their last 45 credits at Bloomsburg University, no more credits are required than the 30 credits. All first baccalaureate students will take at least 50% of credits required for the Major from a PASSHE university. Bloomsburg University may require up to a maximum of 50% of the Major credits. Program exceptions to the policy are to be approved by the Office of the Chancellor.

In addition to university general education requirements, the program of study in psychology requires a minimum of 36 semester hours from the courses specified below, with an average GPA of 2.0 or higher:

CORE COURSES, All majors must take these courses (12 semester hours):

PSYCH.101 General Psychology

PSYCH.160 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PSYCH.281 Experimental Psychology: Methodology (Prereq: PSYCH.101, PSYCH.160 (min. grade of C in each) (limit 1 repeat)

PSYCH.282 Experimental Psychology: Applications (Prereq: PSYCH.281 with a min. grade of C)

CONTENT COURSES (18 semester hours)

Developmental and Social Psychology Content: Minimum of two courses, each from a different group:

PSYCH.253 Social Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

PSYCH.211 Early Child Dev, (Prereq: PSYCH.101), PSYCH.212, Adolescent Dev. (Prereq: PSYCH.101), PSYCH.214, Transitions to .Adolescent Dev. (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

PSYCH.311 Adulthood and Aging (Prereq: PSYCH.101) or PSYCH.218, Principles of Gerontology (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

Specialized and Applied Content: Minimum of one course:

PSYCH.321 Psychological Tests and Measurements (Prereq: PSYCH.281 with min. grade of C)

PSYCH.340 Community Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.281 with min. grade of C)

PSYCH.350 Psychology of Gender (Prereq: PSYCH.281 with min. grade of C)

PSYCH.439 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.335 or PSYCH.436 or PSYCH.337)

PSYCH.476 Principles of Behavior Modification (Prereq: PSYCH.281 with min. grade of C)

Personality and Disorders Content: Minimum of one course:

PSYCH.335 Psychological Disorders (Prereq: PSYCH.282)

PSYCH.337 Developmental Psychopathology (Prereq: PSYCH.282 and either PSYCH.211 or PSYCH.212)

PSYCH.436 Theories of Personality (Prereq PSYCH.282)

Experimental Psychology Content: Minimum of two courses:

PSYCH.360 Cognitive Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.282)

PSYCH.375 Psychology of Learning (Prereq: PSYCH.282)

PSYCH.380 Behavioral Neuroscience (Prereq: PSYCH.282)

Capstone Courses (6 semester hours) – All majors must take two of these courses. Note that these courses have specialized prerequisites, designed primarily for seniors.

PSYCH.341 Theory and Practice of Academic Psychology (Prereq: 64 semester hours, B average in Psychology, PSYCH.282 and consent of instructor) Apply the week before scheduling starts.

PSYCH.401 History of Psychology (Prereq: 90 cr. Earned and successfully completed at least one course from Personality and Disorders Content or one course from the Experimental Psychology Content)

PSYCH.406 Psychology Seminar (Prereq. PSYCH.101 and consent of instructor; each specific seminar may have additional prerequisites) Sign up on professor's door during scheduling.

PSYCH.464 Advanced Experimental Design (Prereq: PSYCH.282; or consent of instr.) Sign up on professor's door during scheduling.

PSYCH.466 Independent Study in Psychology (Prereq: consent of instructor and departmental approval and approval by the Dean of Liberal Arts) Speak with professor before scheduling starts.

PSYCH.497 Practicum in Psychology (Prereq: 90 semester hours and completion of PSYCH.282; and consent of instructor) Make appointment to apply for a Fall Practicum by March 1, or for a Spring Practicum by October 1. Read Securing Practicum on the BU Psych Dept website prior to appointment.

Additional Items Required for Graduation

Psychology Department Senior Survey

Psychology Department Exit Exam

ELECTIVES: These Courses may be used for a psychology minor but not for a Psychology Major.

PSYCH.131 Psychology of Adjustment

PSYCH.210 Lifespan Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

PSYCH.235 Introduction to .Abnormal Psychology (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

PSYCH.254 Psychological Aspects of Social Issues (Prereq: PSYCH.101)

PSYCH.309 Cognitive Development (Prereq: PSYCH.101 and PSYCH.211 or PSYCH.212)

PSYCH.310 Middle Childhood Cognitive Development (Prereq: PSYCH.101 and PSYCH.214)